Social Media has currently become a commonplace all around the world, we witness everlasting communication beyond nationality and races. And market diversification as well begins to evolve more into the new era.

“ASEAN, where market rapidly changes and develops”
“Japanese mono-hito-koto (product-people-event) are highly evaluated and draw attention from the world”
It is our mission to introduce attractive Japanese industrial culture and skills to people of ASEAN.

We do not export the Japanese unilateral style and thoughts, but exchange the mutual understanding and communication over different cultures and values. Thus, EX AD MEDIA creates the superlative event spaces as your best partner.

The Bushido (Samurai Chivalry) in our era connotes that we must act with tough and strong entity having big ambition in incessantly changing society in particular.

It must be our mission that we convey the ever-changing “Soul of Japan” with dynamic adaptability for the diversification and that we provide you the best opportunity for the promotion of Japanese products and services through original events.
EX AD MEDIA is always your partner.