Marketing, Data and Design are closely intertwined in Event business.
By creating events which successfully meet your requirements, you can build fresh and new relationship with some prospects, and by having opportunities to directly introduce various services and products unknown to the prospects or existing customers, you can successfully strengthen marketing efficacy.
Event space designed with precise marketing data surely enables you to have an appeal of product branding or corporate identity to your customers and to create more effective marketing strategy.
EX AD MEDIA Group produces effective event creation consisting of the three- pillars “Marketing, Data, Design”.

〈 Event Consulting 〉

EX AD MEDIA has long experienced successful business in the field of event and has engaged mainly in planning, producing and execution. The works have ever been highly evaluated and praised by our respectable clients.
Up to now, we always focus on the importance of heartfelt relationship and mutual communication with our clients with a view toward providing with the supreme event spaces.

No matter where we are, our heart will not change.
We envision that we will bridge our clients. If you now consider whether to expand your business from Japan to Vietnam or from Vietnam to Japan, please entrust to us. We are glad to provide you with an accurate marketing strategy for successful business.

〈 Event Think Tank 〉
Making an entry into fast-growing market of Vietnam or competitive market of Japan may not be easy. There are many foreign-affiliated companies which hold promotion event or exhibition to accomplish their product branding. However, if they do not have marketing data or information, it may be quite difficult to achieve successful event. If worst comes to worst, things may reach the worst possible pass.
EX AD MEDIA can be one of your partners in order for you to solve any problems occurred in event strategy with necessary data. If you are in trouble or difficulty with event concerned, please feel free to entrust it to us.

〈 Event Design 〉

Brand Trade Mark with original logo or picture is, needless to say, an effective way to create company and product images. But sometime, the beloved trade mark at home may not be accepted in foreign countries and it might turn to be a hindrance to your business expansion.
In EX AD MEDIA, many staff from ASEAN are enrolled together with Japanese staff, so it’s highly possible to design the image which must be loved by ASEAN consumers. We will strive to visualize image to your content.